DOORS - Unlocking doors to reduce recidivism

Our Mission And Vision

Founded in 2010, the Unlocking DOORS Texas Reentry Network (Unlocking DOORS, Inc. dba DOORS) (“Unlocking DOORS”) is a comprehensive statewide diversion and reentry brokerage network that is committed to reducing crime and the ever-escalating fiscal impact to the State of Texas and its communities through coordinated collaboration, partnership, public awareness, reporting of evidence-based data and predictive trends, education, and training.

Unlocking DOORS, through its unique and nationally unduplicated “Reentry Brokerage/Predictive Trends” Model, and its coordinated and collaborative partnerships with numerous statewide agencies/community service providers and organizations (130 and counting), is building and routinizing the community-based reentry platform for Texas that will provide for a smooth and seamless transition into society for all individuals with criminal backgrounds - whether coming directly from incarceration (TDCJ, BOP, etc.) OR already residing within the community (both supervised and unsupervised)

By pulling together all resources, organizations, and programs into one coordinated effort, Unlocking DOORS allows for cross-networking, collaboration, cohesion and a stronger service model for those with criminal backgrounds. Through this model, Unlocking DOORS is helping reduce crime by guiding those with criminal backgrounds to a future of self-sufficiency that is crime-free.

Headquartered in Dallas County, with an office in Tarrant County as well, Unlocking DOORS proposes to expand its vast network for offenders, including those with mental illness, throughout the State of Texas, with the opening of locations in Bexar, Harris and Travis Counties by 2018. This reentry initiative will encourage service providers and State stakeholders to focus on providing long-term solutions to complex issues related to successful community reintegration. Careful and thorough client tracking, coupled with evidence-based analytics and statistics will assist in reducing gaps in critical services and over-duplication of services; promote accountability; and, allow for more thoughtful and coordinated funding and policies that will make a greater impact and move the needle on this ever-growing issue.

Whether it be assisting in the diversion of qualifying individuals to a community program versus incarceration; filling a gap between pre-release and post-release services for those individuals releasing from incarceration; or educating the public and community service providers as to the specific needs and issues surrounding this very unique and growing population; we feel certain that initial crime and overall repeat crime (recidivism) rates will be cut drastically, thereby creating a safer community for us all, while leaving our tax base intact.

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